I’m a percussionist who plays ethnic hand percussion and mallet instruments.  I specialize in the Cuban and Brasilian hand percussion instruments but also play some African, Irish, and some other weird hand-drums.  I also play a lot of vibes and marimba!  Check out my Bio!

I released a Jazz-Fusion CD years ago – the Hundredth Monkey – which is now it’s available online in digital format!  Please take a few minutes to check it out!  If you like it please consider buying a copy.  All the money I make from sales will go into creating a new recording.  Every sale helps us creative types to unleash more of our art on the world.  You can find it:

I have an awesome studio as well where I record bands and musicians in addition to laying down tracks for people like you!  I also engineer and produce.  If you’d like me to play on your project please contact me an email!

I also co-run – a service that helps people anywhere in the world get great musicians on their recordings.

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