the Hundredth Monkey

hundredth_monkey_cover_02Billy Hulting – the Hundredth Monkey

Now available digitally on CD Baby and iTunes

“There is a vitality…that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will die.” – Martha Graham


Billy Hulting – vibes and mallet instruments, African, Brasillian, Cuban, Indian, Middle Eastern and Ambient percussion, keyboards

Dino Soldo – tenor and soprano saxophones, harmonica, clarinet, Ydaki, Melodica, keyboards on Harold The Worm

Craig Sharmat – guitars, guitar synth

Bob Mair – basses

Dave Karasony – drums


Strings on Nothing Is Sacred and On My Return

Jean Sudbury, Harry Scorzo – violins

Novi Novag – viola

Stefanie Fife – cello


Hand Claps on First Ascent and Native Girls

Gary Gardner, Mike Faue, Kalani, Dino, Billy

You can read the L.A. Jazz Scene Review of the live band.

Okay – if you really want to know all the instruments I played on the CD – here’s the list:

vibes, MIDI vibes, marimba, glass xylophone, xylophone, KAT MIDI Mallet Instrument, congas, bata, jembe, ambient percussion, shekere, timbales, shaker, whistles, bowed temple bowls, bowed cymbal, tabla, talking drum, tamborine, frame drums, wind gong, joun-jouns, udu drum, cajones, pandeiro, suspended cymbal, electronic percussion [egg shaker, reco-reco], and sleigh bells

…be the Hundredth Monkey.


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